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Cultural consultant and digital wellness advocate. Writing about anthropology, dance, and whatever else I think of.

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It’s no surprise that so many wellness coaches have taken to the internet to provide online coaching and motivation to their clients. This is good news for people who have been wanting to experience personalized wellness programs, but the abundance of options may make for a hard choice.

Health and wellness coaches provide a personalized experience, so many people find that they need to try a few different coaches before finding the right one. Some people may even work with multiple coaches simultaneously to reach their wellness goals. …

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I was recently talking to someone in a discussion forum. They brought up overwhelming information inundation found online and how it feels impossible to get through it all. “It’s like FOMO, but I feel like I am missing out on information., not experiences.” FOMO.

But this feeling of info FOMO got me thinking about all the times I’ve been in places like libraries, and I feel the opposite.

Bound and Curated

We are living in a world of hunky data.

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Understanding customer loyalty analytics is the key to improving your customer experience. An improved experience makes for long-term happy customers. These satisfied customers can be beneficial to your business’s return on investment. Customer loyalty analytics can also help develop customer-centric marketing strategies. Before we learn how to analyze how loyal customers are, we must first define what loyalty is.

What is Customer Loyalty?

When a customer is loyal to a company, they are more likely to repeat their business. They are also more likely to recommend products and services to others. Unfortunately, loyalty isn’t always easy to measure. Customer loyalty is a combination of…

What happens when dance venues close? The dancers find a new place to perform.

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We are witnessing a drastic shift in how we create and consume art.

With social distancing restrictions, many artists and dancers are exploring what is to many a new frontier of digital arts online. This shift to digital dance brings many new forms of collaboration, but there is also much more competition. Regardless of when we can go back to physical classes and performances, it’s likely that online courses will remain a large part of the dance industry.

We are witnessing a drastic shift in how we create and consume art, and so we will also need to consider new…

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Are you looking for something fun to do while you are stuck at home? When it comes to dancing, there are many benefits for both body and mind. It is also terrifying for many to get to a physical class for the first time. The good news is that now there are many options available online.

The Benefits of Taking Dance Classes Online

There are many benefits to taking dance classes, such as improved heart and lungs, weight management, and better coordination. These benefits also apply to online dance classes. …

What digital distractions annoy you the most?

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If you were to ask me about my biggest digital distractions a year ago, my answer would be different. I was dabbling in some online dance teaching and getting deeper into YouTube and Instagram. It was fun initially, but quickly became overwhelming when dance studios were closing, and everyone moved online to teach. I’ve taken most of that down, and it’s been a relief. I love dancing but don’t care to share it all online right now.

These days my distracter is mostly email. Even though I usually batch my email sessions, I frequently check when I am waiting on…

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When physical dance studios began shutting down, many individual dance instructors started exploring more freelance teaching options.

Whether you are teaching via live-stream on social media or through a video conference-calling service, investing in a personal website brings benefits for you and your students.

Anyone can make a social media profile, but a website takes some planning. When you design your site, you have control over how you present yourself and your classes. Having this control helps you communicate to your users precisely who you are and your teacher's qualifications.

There are many different types of dance businesses out there…

Comparing Approaches to Anthropology

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In their text on Applied Anthropology, Ervin emphasizes the “reciprocal relationship” between applied anthropology and theory.

Despite their intimate interplay, the dividing distinction is often from the direction.

The comparison Ervin provides in their text is that researchers select their topics to pursue in classical, theoretical anthropology. The issues usually relate to their research interests.

On the other hand, the applied approach can be viewed more as an anthropological service, where the topics of interest stem from society's needs. …

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